Continuing Ed: The Proper Use of Force in Conflict Resolution (4 Hours)

Continuing Ed: The Proper Use of Force in Conflict Resolution (4 Hours)

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**Disclaimer: Please verify course suitability with your state's licensing authority. Online, self-paced training must be recognized for credit. For information on specific state requirements, visit, select your state, and refer to the regulatory agency’s guidelines.

Course Description: This module is meticulously designed to enhance the understanding of security officers regarding the legal boundaries and guidelines for the use of force. The primary focus of this course is to clarify what constitutes 'reasonable force' within the legal framework, and to discuss the potential legal consequences faced by officers who engage in the application of unlawful force.

Additionally, the course explores a variety of alternative methods and strategies that can be employed in various situations to effectively resolve conflicts without resorting to force. This comprehensive approach ensures that security officers are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to make judicious decisions about the use of force, while also considering and applying non-forceful solutions wherever possible.

Through this module, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the legal implications and ethical considerations surrounding the use of force, thereby preparing them to handle challenging situations with professionalism and legal compliance.

CE Hours: 4.0

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