Virtual Reality
Training Solutions

Defencify is revolutionizing security guard training with Virtual Reality through a strategic partnership with Dealplay, a VR training development company.

With this innovative technology, security firms can now train their officers like never before, helping them develop critical skills in a realistic, controlled environment - all online through the Defencify platform.

An Unparalleled Learning Experience

An experience that enhances situational awareness, decision-making skills, and crisis response abilities. By leveraging the power of VR technology, trainees will be fully immersed in realistic scenarios, allowing them to develop critical skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Expanded Training Offerings

Courses will include a wide range of modules such as use of force, crisis intervention, emergency response, and de-escalation techniques. This comprehensive approach aims to equip security guards with the necessary tools to confidently handle real-life challenges.

Elevating Training Standards

Through the use of VR, our goal is to elevate training standards, improve compliance, and create a safer environment for both security personnel and the public they serve.

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