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Continuing Ed: ID Verification (1 Hour)

Continuing Ed: ID Verification (1 Hour)

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Advance Your Security Career While Meeting License Requirements!

Enhance your skills with our courses that count towards Guard Card license continuing education credits. Invest in professional growth and compliance. Special Offer: Buy any 5 courses, get a 20% discount.

**Disclaimer: Please verify course suitability with your state's licensing authority. Online, self-paced training must be recognized for credit. For information on specific state requirements, visit, select your state, and refer to the regulatory agency’s guidelines.

Course Description: This short class has been created from a variety of sources, and is intended to help YOU, a professional security officer, detect fake identification documents. Government-issued identity cards and driver's licenses are getting ever easier to forge – and fake IDs are becoming ever harder to detect. Today's technology allows individuals to make very real-looking "official" IDs. There are more than 240 different types of state government-issued IDs in the United States alone! Every two seconds, someone's identity in this country is stolen – and 46% of all identity theft crimes are committed using a fake ID. Identity theft is not just a minor financial crime. Indeed, the two worst cases of domestic terrorism in the United States – the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 – were both committed by individuals using fake IDs. FBI statistics show that identity theft is a huge problem – and that's why it is so important that YOU know how to detect fake IDs.

CE Hours: 1.0

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