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Continuing Ed: Communication And Its Importance (4 Hours)

Continuing Ed: Communication And Its Importance (4 Hours)

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Advance Your Security Career While Meeting License Requirements!

Enhance your skills with our courses that count towards Guard Card license continuing education credits. Invest in professional growth and compliance. Special Offer: Buy any 5 courses, get a 20% discount.

**Disclaimer: Please verify course suitability with your state's licensing authority. Online, self-paced training must be recognized for credit. For information on specific state requirements, visit, select your state, and refer to the regulatory agency’s guidelines.

Course Description: The first module will provide the security officer with an understanding of "Effective Communication." We will discuss methods of communicating effectively and provide some suggestions to help you learn to be a more effective communicator. In the second module, you will be provided with an understanding of good "Interpersonal Communication" skills and why they are necessary in today's workplace. We will discuss communication within the security organization itself ("internal") and as it is needed between the security officer and the client ("external"), as well as communication with "third parties" (for example, emergency responders). The third module will discuss "Communications Systems" – the different kinds in use today and the proper use of each. In the fourth module, we will discuss "Harassment and Discrimination." We will provide you with a basic understanding of what constitutes "harassment," specifically "sexual harassment," and the liabilities that can result from sexual harassment cases. We will then discuss "cultural diversity," and provide you with a brief overview of what constitutes "prejudice" and "discrimination" in the workplace.

CE Hours: 4.0

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