Continuing Ed: Patrol Techniques (2 Hours)

Continuing Ed: Patrol Techniques (2 Hours)

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Advance Your Security Career While Meeting License Requirements!

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**Disclaimer: Please verify course suitability with your state's licensing authority. Online, self-paced training must be recognized for credit. For information on specific state requirements, visit, select your state, and refer to the regulatory agency’s guidelines.

Course Description: This module emphasizes the critical role of security patrols in preventing and deterring loss. It begins by highlighting observation as a fundamental skill for every security officer during their shift, stressing the importance of vigilance and awareness.

The course explores the strategic value of varying patrol routes and timings to enhance the effectiveness of security measures. It delves into the specific contributions of security patrols in areas such as fire and theft prevention and the identification of potential safety hazards on client premises.

Additionally, the module presents an array of patrol methods, including foot patrols, vehicle-based patrols, and bicycle patrols, each with its unique advantages and applications. A key focus of the course is the comparison between high-visibility and low-visibility patrols, analyzing their purposes and the contexts in which each is most effective.

Furthermore, the course underscores the significance of using our senses as vital tools in patrolling, enhancing the security officer’s ability to detect and respond to potential threats or irregularities. This module is designed to equip security officers with a comprehensive understanding of various patrol techniques and the skills to apply them effectively.

CE Hours: 2.0

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