Continuing Ed: Ethics (2 Hours)

Continuing Ed: Ethics (2 Hours)

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Advance Your Security Career While Meeting License Requirements!

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**Disclaimer: Please verify course suitability with your state's licensing authority. Online, self-paced training must be recognized for credit. For information on specific state requirements, visit, select your state, and refer to the regulatory agency’s guidelines.

Course Description: This module delves deeply into the concept of ethics, particularly as it pertains to the role of security officers. It begins by providing a detailed definition of ethics, setting the foundation for understanding the ethical responsibilities inherent in security work. The course outlines a specific code of ethics for security officers and explores various ethical dilemmas and violations, including guidelines for reporting such instances.

Further, the module examines the facets of professional conduct for security officers, highlighting the importance of maintaining positive relations with clients, and understanding the nuances of client perceptions versus reality. The significant impact of a security program's image, as well as the public and client perceptions of security officers, are thoroughly explored.

A strong emphasis is placed on the high visibility of the security officer's role, including the critical importance of the officer's attitude and appearance. The module concludes by addressing essential topics such as cultural diversity, prejudice, and racism, underscoring their relevance in the field of security.

CE Hours: 2.0

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