California BSIS NEW Guard Card ELECTIVES Bundle - 16 Hours

California BSIS NEW Guard Card ELECTIVES Bundle - 16 Hours

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Aspiring Security Guards in California:
Please be aware that before enrolling in our courses, you must first complete the initial 8-hour training requirement, which includes the "Power to Arrest" (3 Hours) and "Appropriate Use of Force" (5 Hours) courses, with an authorized trainer or training school to obtain your BSIS guard card. This is a prerequisite to licensing.
What comes next? After obtaining your guard card, our online courses are mandatory for continuing education. These courses are required to maintain your license and stay compliant with state regulations.

California BSIS requires 32 hours of BSIS-approved continuing education training (16 hours within 30 days of guard card approval, & 16 hours within 6 months of guard card approval). This 16-hour bundle includes continuing education ELECTIVE courses required by law! 

To find us on California's Authorized Trainers List, click here.

This bundle includes:

  1. 16 hours within 6 months post-license: Officer Safety (2-Hours), Evacuation Procedures (1-Hour), and Workplace Violence (1-Hour) | Arrest, Search and Seizure (4-Hours) and Handling Difficult People (4-Hours) | Post Orders and Assignments (2-Hours), Driver Safety (1-Hour), and Fire Safety (1-Hour)

The total cost of this collection is $64. Access to the courses are immediate upon purchase. They are available 24/7 and can be completed at your own pace. Interactive courses with simulation games, scenario-based activities and visually appealing graphics that make training fun! Download BSIS-approved training certificates upon completion.  


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