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The Nature and Role of Private Security (part 1 of 5)

Patrol Techniques (simulation game)

COVID in the Workplace (CDC & OSHA)

ID Verification Training (custom course)


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We provide the state-mandated training needed for NEW and RENEWAL guard licensing, as well as over 97 hours of training on a variety of subjects, including:


    • Nature and Role of Private Security

    • General Duties and Conducting Patrols

    • Legal Aspects (Civil and Criminal)

    • Documentation and Report Writing

    • Professionalism and Ethics

    • Medical Emergencies and Basic First Aid

    • Crisis Intervention

    • ID Verification Training

    • Customer Service Training

    • COVID in the Workplace

    • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    • Discrimination in the Workplace

    • Conflict Resolution and the Use of Force

    • Anti-Terrorism and WMD

    • Communication

    • Public Relations

    • Fire Safety and Fire Watch

    • Crowd Control and Dealing with Difficult People

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Currently approved for NEW and RENEWAL guard licensing in the following states:


AZ - CA - CO - DE - MN - TN - TX - UT - WA