Get to know the newest member of Defencify, Anneke Garcia, PhD


Get to know the newest member of Defencify, Anneke Garcia, PHD!

We are proud to announce that Anneke Garcia has joined the Defencify team as an Advisory Board Member. Anneke is an instructional design consultant and a team lead for the Client Learning Team at Optum, where she heads up the creation of eLearning and video learning tools for clients in the healthcare and medical coding fields. She has previously worked for LDS Publication Services where she created training materials and educational innovations for a wide range of topics, from HR management modules to health and safety courses for the food processing industry.

Anneke holds a PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology and started her career teaching university courses in Educational Psychology and working at a high school in Taiwan where she taught communicative language teaching methods to the English teaching department. She specialized in education for second language acquisition, enriching her own linguistics studies by working to become fluent in Japanese and French and learning a useful level of Chinese and Spanish. She holds undergrad degrees in French and Graphic Design and loves to bring her various academic interests together to produce excellent, engaging, professional learning tools.

Anneke lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two boys.

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