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Why should you use Defencify® Online Training to train your security officers?

The reason why we exist is simple: We understand your business and the everyday challenge with recruiting and retaining qualified security officers to fill your open positions. We know the pain of keeping unbilled overtime numbers to a minimum and filling open vacancies before your officers suffer ‘burn out’ from working too many hours.

How do you control it? Besides doing everything that you can to retain qualified employees, over-hiring new licensed security officers is key!

Contract security companies report losing between 20 – 30% of job applicants because the thought of attending an in-person, three-day licensing class does not work for them. Even higher numbers of attendees are reported as ‘no-shows’ to the class, even after they confirmed that they would be there.

Defencify® online training program helps companies:

  • Boost hiring numbers. Let’s face it, attending the basic education class is a burden on most licensees. Contract security might just be a part time ‘gig’ for them, and knowing that they will need to attend a 3-day class (and likely unpaid training) doesn’t sound appealing at all. The option of taking the class online, when it is most convenient for them, is an attractive alternative.
  • Attract higher skilled security talent. Computer skills is a ‘must-have’ at the majority of your sites, are we right? How many times have you heard an applicant rate their computer skills as ‘advanced’ during the interview and after you’ve wasted valuable time and training dollars post-assignment, they turn out to be beginners at best? That’s the value of having them complete training online; candidates must have a level of competency and comfort with computers to complete the online program. There is no better way to evaluate their skill than to have them complete the course online.
  • Adapting to everyone’s learning style. Online courses benefit different learning styles. And working by themselves allows each student to work at their own speed. They can study material that they have trouble understanding and review exercises as needed. Defencify’s® online training is designed to enhance the student’s ability to retain the information that they are being presented. With our design, user experience, and multimedia, the online instruction is a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional in-classroom methods.
  • Cut training costs and improve efficiencies. Online training with Defencify® is the most convenient way to replace costly face-to-face lectures. Your personnel can complete training requirements from a desktop or laptop computer at your office or from home, a mobile data terminal at their security post, or on their smartphone or tablet when they are at home or on the road.
  • Get trainees licensed faster. Having a training program that is accessible 24/7 allows students to finish the class sooner. There’s no more waiting for the next scheduled class. No more dealing with scheduling conflicts. They can start immediately!

So, how much does the program cost?

Well, that depends on a number of factors. Total student volume is one factor. How the final exam is proctored is another. The cost per student is driven downward as more training licenses are purchased together.

If you would like to receive a quote, click here. Once we receive the information, we will reach out within 24 – 48 hours.

Higher volume of licenses = lower, per student price