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COVID-19 in Today's Work Environment

COVID-19 in Today's Work Environment

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This one-hour class discusses the challenges – and changes – that COVID-19 has brought to the workplace since early 2020.  OSHA recommends that employers provide COVID-19 training for their employees, so this short "COVID-19 in Today's Work Environment" class has been designed based on published OSHA guidance and CDC recommendations.  The purpose of this training program is to educate and protect each employee personally, as well as the general public with whom they may come into contact.  In many industries, COVID-19 training is required for all employees to take annually in order to maintain active employee status; this training may also be necessary to maintain some employees' state licenses.  Some of the subjects discussed are:  Symptoms of COVID-19, Vaccines, Health and Sanitation Measures, Returning to Work after Exposure or Illness, Travel Considerations.  There also is a ten-question quiz at the end of the class.

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