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Security Officer: Professional Conduct, Ethics, & Sexual Harassment - 4 Hours

Security Officer: Professional Conduct, Ethics, & Sexual Harassment - 4 Hours

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This course includes two (2) lessons:

  1. Security Ethics (2 Hours), and
  2. Sexual Harassment (2 Hours)

In the lesson Security Ethics, the definition of ethics is addressed in great detail. A code of ethics for security officers is outlined, different ethical violations are discussed as well as the reporting of such violations; the module goes on to define and discuss areas of security officer professionalism, and emphasizes positive relations with clients as well as understanding the client’s perception versus reality; the significance of the security program’s image, as well as the public’s and client’s perception of the security officer; an emphasis on the security officer’s work as a highly visible position is made and the officer’s attitude and appearance are also points of importance. Lastly, cultural diversity, prejudice and racism are touched on. 

In the lesson Sexual Harassment, we provide insight into the definition of sexual harassment and the proper steps to take to handle an incident of sexual harassment. Examples of unwelcome behavior that may constitute harassment are presented and ways in which harassment can be reported in the workplace are discussed.

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