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California Security Guard Training

Jumpstart Your Security Career in California with Defencify!

Embark on a fulfilling security career in California or seamlessly renew your Guard Card with Defencify’s comprehensive online courses. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, our BSIS-compliant training programs are tailored to keep you ahead in the security field.

For New Guards: Get on track with our continuing education bundles, flexible packages for the post-license training requirements set by California BSIS. Learn at your own pace with engaging, interactive content, and stay compliant with state laws.

    For Renewing Guards: Easily maintain your Guard Card with our 8-hour annual renewal course. Convenient, accessible, and designed to fit your busy schedule, our course ensures you remain updated and compliant with the latest industry standards.

    Join our community of security professionals today and experience training that’s as dynamic as your career. Defencify is your partner in success – empowering you to protect and excel in the security industry!

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