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Security Officer: Legal Responsibilities and Use of Force - 4 Hours

Security Officer: Legal Responsibilities and Use of Force - 4 Hours

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This course covers two (2) lessons:

  1. Legal Responsibilities of Private Security Officers (2 Hours), and
  2. Use of Force (2 Hours)

In Legal Responsibilities of Private Security, we cover the subjects of criminal and civil law, including their definitions and differences. It overviews different sources of the law, presents information on common civil offenses brought against private security officers, how security personnel can use verbal judo to better deal with difficult people in order to avoid lawsuits, and a private security officer’s authority to question. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and court cases, searches and seizures, categories of criminal offenses, and conducting employee inspections are reviewed. Lastly, security officer’s powers to arrest are discussed, from the time that a citizen’s arrest is initiated to testifying in court.

In Use of Force, we provide a better understanding on when it would be legally permissible to use force. This course will focus on what is considered reasonable force and what legal repercussions an officer may face should they engage in unlawful force against another person. We will also focus on what other types of methods exist to handle any given situation that does not involve the use of force. 

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